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Rising Sun Imports Inc. 4474 W500N, (PO Box 8) Earl Park IN 47942

phone. 219.474.6656 or 219.474.6657



In the spring of 2014 we were honored to be asked by Mr. Jordi Tarrés himself to become the official and exclusive USA importer and distributor of his new motorcycle company, the TRS brand of Trials motorcycles.

Since 1991, Rising Sun Imports Inc. imports and distributes products exclusively for the sport of Observed Motorcycle Trials. Rising Sun Imports Inc. is a company founded by Jim Snell in 1978. Located in the small village of Earl Park Indiana at the crossroads of two historic highways, we operate a warehouse and distribution center and workshops specializing in the sport of Trials. Rising Sun Imports Inc. has the largest and most comprehensive inventory of OEM trials related material in the USA, with a portfolio spanning more than 40 years in the sport and business of observed trials. Rising Sun Imports is in the same location with the same telephone number since 1987.

In today's world of web-based zero-inventory drop-ship businesses, we wish to emphasize that we are a "brick and mortar" warehouse business stocking tens of thousands of spare parts for Trials motorcycles accumulated over a period of more than one quarter century. Our warehouse is well organized with computer-based inventory control, we service our expert dealer network with same-day shipping, and we are proud of our world renowned service and spare parts availability.

L to R in photo

JIM SNELL, 1993 USA Senior National Champion, CEO TRS-USA and JESSE WELLENSTEIN, 2001 USA Expert National Champion. 2016 Expert Sportsman East Coast National Champion, 2019 East Coast Sportsman National Champion, and official USA TRS test-rider/midwest representative

Jim Snell and Jesse Wellenstein


JIM SNELL, 1993 USA Senior National Champion, CEO TRS-USA



L to R in photo below

Jordi Tarrés - FIM Outdoor Trials World Champion 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, and Jesse Wellenstein of TRS-USA.

Image, March 2017, Rellinars Catalonia (Spain)

Jordi Tarrés and Jesse Wellenstiein, March 2017

TRS Motorcycles - A new Trial motorcycle design